Welcome to DragonCor

Delivering Next-Gen Asset Management

DragonCor is a multi-asset management platform established by Blackstone Real Estate funds, focusing on managing its real estate investment portfolio in mainland China. Blackstone is the world’s leading commercial real estate investment institution.

What we do

Fast-growing market, Multi-asset class

We manage Blackstones large and fast growing China’s mainland real estate portfolio, delivering superior performance through the complete real estate cycle, deploying our fast-growing China market expertise and multi-asset class capabilities. 

Our businesses

An industry-leading portfolio

Our vision

Customer-centric innovation

We are a multi-asset class asset management organization that focuses on attracting, empowering and rewarding superior talent, with a growth mindset that balances risk management with customer- centricity and innovation to provide differentiated offerings from the competition.

Our thinking

What moves you?

  • Creating tomorrow's residences
  • The future of the workplace
  • Next-gen e-commerce and logistics
  • Harnessing the power of data in real estate
  • Driving ESG in a multi-asset class context